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meet our ATHLETES

ivy kwon
  • Jump numbers: 800-900
  • Discipline: Wingsuiting, freeflying & canopy piloting (in the works), BASE
  • Years in the sport: 4 years
  • Current rating: Coach & AFFI
  • Home DZ: Perrisinore
  • Passions/personal interests: Traveling the world, jumping at every DZ or an exit point (BASE) I encounter as much as possible.

Goals in the sport

  1. Always be cautious and humble of what to say and do so there’s no misrepresentation of the sport
  2. Bring more international friends to introduce a better world of skydiving

“Thank you friends 🙂 <3”

wiktoria palacios
  • Jump numbers: 1,000+, 120+ hours in the tunnel
  • Discipline: Movement Jumps
  • Years in the sport: 8 years
  • Home DZ: Skydive Chicago in the summer and Skydive Deland in the winter.
  • Passions/personal interests: Music (DJing, playing the violin), art (painting, sculpture), and socially conscious businesses.

Goals in the sport:

To be able to continue to attend dynamic flying camps around the world, and to share the knowledge learned with others.

joe webb
  • Jump numbers: 7,000 skydives, 1,000 BASE jumps
  • Discipline: Wingsuit 
  • Years in the sport: 12 years
  • Current rating: CD license, AFF and Pro ratings, with a rigger ticket on the side!
  • Home DZ: Skydive Elsinore
  • Passions/personal interests: Enjoys electric skateboarding and playing rocket league after the sun goes down or on windy days 🙂

Goals in the sport

  1. To work for an entire year straight, coaching and instructing skydivers

“GSG has been a great resource to keep me jumping and I appreciate it.”

Luke Fischer
  • Jump numbers: 1,800+ skydives, 2,184 total hours in the tunnel
  • Favorite Discipline: ANGLES
  • Years in the sport: 7+ Years Tunnel Instructing
  • Current rating: AFFI / Video Flying
  • Home DZ: San Diego / Oceanside / Elsinore / Perris
  • Philosophy: Train your mind and body to move in unison, with fluidity and speed. Be like water, adapt and flow with your surroundings. Fall into your full potential.
  • Passions/personal interests: Currently working on Web Design & Development as a side gig and hobby and recently just published his coaching website called Falling Pro to make it easier to book personalized training.

Goals in the sport:

 To achieve a goal that he had for years – to go to Utah to get his paragliding license, that way he can spend even more time in the sky!

Michelle Salt
  • Jump numbers: 81 jumps
  • Years in the sport: almost 2 years in the sport
  • Current rating: B licence
  • Home DZ: Alberta Skydive Central
  • Passions/personal interests: Skydiving, backcountry snowmobiling, snowboarding and accessibility advocate.

Goals in the sport

Wingsuiting and having fun!

  • Years in the sport: 3 Years
  • Home DZ: Elsinore
  • Philosophy: “If you’re not jortin you’re shortin… your potential to send it.” 
  • Passions/personal interests: Currently working as a tunnel instructor trying to bridge the gap between body flight in the sky and in the windy tube. Outside of skydiving, Hunter is pretty active in other flying hobbies like tunnel flying and also speed flying.
Pedro Carneiro
  • Jump numbers: 800 jumps
  • Discipline: Freefly 
  • Home DZ: Skydive Elsinore
  • Passions/personal interests: Currently working as a tunnel instructor.  Pedro grew up in Brazil going to dropzones his whole life with his parents so it was only natural for him to follow in their footsteps and jump out of planes.


David Lang
  • Jump numbers: 3600+ jumps
  • Years in the sport: 10 Years
  • Current rating: IBA Trainer/Instructor, Wind Tunnel Coach, Angle/FF coach, AFF-I
  • Sponsors: UPT, L&B, SSK, Inc (Cypress), NZAerosports, BoogieMan, GSG
  • Passions/personal interests: Currently a part of Team Horizon and the GSG family, David continues to coach in the tunnel and the sky, both locally and away, within and outside the US. 
jesse jaber


  • Years in the sport: Skydiving since 2014
  • Current rating: Indoor flight instructor
  • Home DZ: Skydive Chicago
  • Passions/personal interests: Jesse started skydiving in April 2014 and literally fell head over heels in love with the sport. Once he received his skydiving license, he knew that being in the air was his life and he decided to quit his job as a metro transit bus driver, moved across the country and pursued his new found love of body flight. That path landed him his dream job in Chicago as an indoor flight instructor and began his journey to becoming a full time coach. As a founder of Team Horizon, a team dedicated to educating and progressing the skydiving community.
“I’m proud to be part of the GSG team. Come fly with me!”
jason russell
  • Jump numbers: 20,000 + skydives
  • Years in the sport: Competing in VFS since 2010
  • Current rating: IBA Tunnel Instructor, AFF I, Coach, Tandem Instructor 
  • Home DZ: Skydive Chicago
  • Passions/personal interests: JRuss is a member of the Skydive Chicago Core , a Gold winning, Vertical Formation Skydiving Team. 
Stephanie Strange
  • Jump numbers: 16,000 + skydives
  • Discipline: Vertical Formation Skydiving
  • Years in the sport: Competing in VFS since 2010.
  • Current rating: IBA Tunnel Instructor, AFF I, Coach, Tandem Instructor
  • Home DZ: Skydive Chicago
  • Passions/personal interests: Stephanie is a member of the Skydive Chicago Core , a Vertical Formation Skydiving Team based out of Skydive Chicago. They are a group of competitive athletes  that revel in not only improving their skills but also teaching others and sharing their passion for skydiving.