L&B QUATTRO Audible Altimeter

L&B QUATTRO Audible Altimeter


The Quattro audible altimeter is the latest in micro technology and features the most advanced programming for accurately measuring freefall & canopy descent rates.

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The Quattro audible altimeter is the latest in micro technology and features the most advanced programming for accurately measuring freefall & canopy descent rates. What makes this audible altimeter stand out is ability to out perform other audibles at a reasonable price.

The Quattro allows the skydiver four sets of warning altitudes for high speed and three for low speed flight. This provides added interactivity in configuring frequently used warning alarms.

The Quattro can also be set up to three climb warning alarms for the ultimate in precision altitude awareness.

The Quattro is fully automatic and can be manually turned off or on as well.

The Quattro continually reads ambient air pressure for real-time accuracy and attention to ground level.

The Quattro can also have different tones and pitches for better auditory.

The Quattro’s small and ergonomic design provides the user with comfort and less bulk when used inside a soft or hard-shell helmet. Rigging materials are included for those wishing to mount the audible on the outside of a helmet.

The Quattro is specifically designed for advanced skydiving disciplines: Bigways, Formation Skydiving, Freeflying, Wingsuit Flying, Student, Tandem, AFF, and also canopy related activities such as accuracy and CRW.

Four High-Speed Warnings:

Allows settings up to 19990 Feet and can be used for Bigway formations, wingsuit flight setup and other precision skydives where four high-speed warnings are needed and desired.

Track Guide:

0.5 second pulsating tones between the 1st and 2nd warnings help keep track of altitude separation of tracking groups or waves.

Three Canopy Descent & Low Speed Warnings:

The Canopy Descent Alerts are essentially low speed alerts and can also be used by wingsuit flyers to keep track of altitude in preparation for separation and canopy deployment. Adjust your landing patterns all with the sound of a beep.

The QUATTRO is 2 3/16″ x 1 5/8″ x 3/8″ in size and takes CR2325 batteries.


5 reviews for L&B QUATTRO Audible Altimeter

  1. Clinton

    The Quattro is a very good audible. When I first bought it I cracked it by dropping my helmet and L&B sent me a new one which I was honestly impressed. Everything about this audible is great, it’s user friendly, 4 beeps in free fall that comes with a tracking guide not to mention everything is customizable to your preferences. It’s small, durable, and light weight. Whether you’re a professional or just got an A-license this audible works for any level.

  2. Tony

    The workers at GSG recommended this audible and I am very happy with my purchase. They set it up for me and I’ve had it for about 4 months now and it does it all. I love the fact that I can change the settings so easily whether I’m doing big belly formations or some free flying with my friends.

  3. Bobby

    I’m a cheapo but I’m really happy I went ahead and bought the Quattro. I really feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth. I’m not tech savvy, the workers at GSG gave me a run down and it’s been blue skies ever since.

  4. Jacob

    The Quattro is the iPhone of altimeters. Easy to use and it does everything.

  5. Chris

    My favorite audible. I love it so much I have two in my helmet.

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