The ICON carries on the tradition of the ICON NexGen at a price point attractive for the skydiver who is looking for a great, functional, durable, and comfortable harness and container system without all the extras.

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The ICON comes with a fully articulated harness (stainless hip standard and optional – no cost – stainless chest rings) that provides full flexibility and comfort on the ground, in the airplane, in free fall and under canopy. The ICON also comes standard riser ramps and the miniforce™ 3-ring system. The elongated middle ring makes it easier to cut away, due to the improved lever effect. This system reduces the pull force required to cut away by up to 35% compared to other traditional mini 3-ring systems. The signature fabric Aerodyne ‘A’ runs down the reserve and center flaps. Now with your ICON, you can put even more of your skydiving dollars towards what matters most — your skydives.


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