Icon V
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Icon V


The new Icon ‘V’ is our elite container system. Now you can have security, durability and functionality in a stylish and comfortable harness-container system.

Also standard is the large selection of fabrics, colors and options, which allow you to design the best-looking rig in the world – Yours!

To place your order please download and complete the Aerodyne Icon V Order form, and then email it to us on sales@goldstategear.com.

(5 customer reviews)


The Icon ‘V’ is loaded with all the available options and was designed with high speed flying in mind. Triple magnet riser covers are standard and ensure riser containment at the highest speed when free flying or angle flying. Anti-snag tuck tabs are used for pin protection, bridles are fully covered, risers are fully covered and guided into the main container with special riser ramp panels to aid in ensuring risers and lines are not snagged on the reserve container during accidental deployments. The ICON free fly handle is designed to remain securely in place regardless of attitude or speed.

Standard with any Icon container is the miniforce™ 3-ring system. The elongated middle ring makes it easier to cut away, due to the improved lever effect. This system reduces the pull force required to cut away by up to 35% compared to other traditional mini 3-ring systems. Also, standard is the new AEROFIT back pad and embroidered ‘V’ on the center flap.Compare the Icon ‘V’ with any other rig on the market today and you will recognize the extreme high value for the cost as all premium features are standard and included in the base price.

Aerodyne Icon V – Order Form

5 reviews for Icon V

  1. Jill

    Had the opportunity to rent an Icon container from GSG and knew it was the rig for me. This company offers texture colors that really make their containers stand out. Ordering my new container was very straight forward and I’m very happy that I got all the bells and whistles which makes me that much more comfortable jumping in this container.

  2. Tommy

    Didn’t realize all the options available for this container, definitely recommend!

  3. Katie

    I’ve been an Icon fan for years mostly because of their adaptable features such as the long rig option, universal camera mount, inverted yoke comfort, wing suit options, and lastly, the ballistic nylon fabric lasts FOREVER. I have two Icon rigs and they look brand new and ready to jump.

  4. Rick

    I’ve jumped many rigs, but none have fit like an Icon. This is the first rig I’ve owned that truly felt like it was made for me. At first glance it easy to see the quality and time put into each of their rigs. They feel safe, comfortable, and with all the options they have these days my rig looks like a true beauty! Most importantly, I jump a bunch of different canopies and having different sizes fit so well in the container is always a bonus. You guys rock :))

  5. Bruce

    I love the fact that Aerodyne is located in the United States and easy to get in contact with. I knew every step of the way and where my gear was thanks to them and GSG. With such a big purchase it was refreshing and comforting to know I was being taken care of!! Highly recommend

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