Icarus World X Fire


The X Fire is designed to excel in all areas important to you, the pilot: openings, harness input, swooping, and packing – to be your ultimate “everyday canopy.”

To place a custom order, please download and complete the Icarus X-Fire Order form, and email it to sales@goldstategear.com.

To purchase a stock canopy, view the Icarus Stock List, then enter the product code in the order notes when checking out.


The X Fire openings are smooth and consistent. Through the application of our Shape Correlation for Inlet Distribution (SCID) recently debuted in the S Fire and the TX2, the result is fluid, on-heading openings. At terminal speeds the X Fire takes between 800-900 feet to fully inflate, giving you that perfectly soft opening every single time. And the best part? It doesn’t need to be packed with meticulous skill! This wing wants to give you soft on-heading openings effortlessly.

The X Fire has adopted the Schuemann Planform (elliptical on the leading edge and less so on the trailing edge) that allows for great lift and reactivity, which is why this planform has been used in paragliders, speed wings and other high performance wings. When this planform is adopted the stall speed is lowered; therefore you can swoop farther.

The X Fire has a minimum requirement of 400 total jumps and 200 jumps annually. Currency is mandatory. However, at this level of reactivity and performance, 800 jumps is what Icarus believes to be the benchmark for truly experiencing the caliber of performance the X Fire has to offer.

This isn’t your average elliptical 9 cell. Fly the X Fire and you will see why from opening all the way to the shutdown, this wing is a game changer.


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102, 113, 124, 138, 153, 168, 75, 83, 92


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