Icarus World S Fire


The S Fire is the newest iteration of our wildly successful Safire 2, and while it is still geared towards beginner and intermediate jumpers, we have taken its performance to a new level.

To place a custom order, please download and complete the Icarus S-Fire Order form, and email it to sales@goldstategear.com.

To order a stock canopy, view the Icarus Stock List then enter the product code in the order notes when checking out.


The S Fire introduces innovative design features such as Parabolic Reinforcement Tapes (PRT), 2nd generation Enhanced Ram Air Stabilizers (ERAS²) and Shape Correlation for Inlet Placement (SCIP), making it the most advanced design on the market.

PRT allows the S Fire to use the elasticity of the fabric to its advantage, successfully eliminating upper surface distortion and airfoil deformation.

ERAS² eliminates panel flutter while simultaneously reducing the wing tip vortex to save and use energy for maximum flight performance.

SCIP controls the inflation process of the canopy ensuring constant deceleration and consistent on-heading openings.

An optimized spanwise skeleton makes the S Fire a robust canopy even in the most demanding conditions and ensures that the S Fire is a structurally superior canopy throughout our entire range of sizes.

A newly developed line set configuration lasts longer with less performance deterioration and without sacrificing responsiveness.

Please call +1 (833) 474-4327 or email Sales@goldstategear.com to place an order!

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