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Take charge of your video equipment with the HYPEYE D PRO Camcorder Indication and Control System. Whether you’re a professional aerial videographer, a camcorder-toting snowboarder, or a seasoned mountain-bike cameraman, the HYPEYE D PRO will provide confidence in your video equipment. Made originally for skydive videographers, where you have only an instant to capture the moment, the HYPEYE D PRO is a must for all videographers capturing action sports.

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The HYPEYE D PRO provides features and functionality never seen before in any camcorder controller. Its super-bright, intuitive, three LED indication system keeps you informed of your camcorder’s status even when facing the sun! Its weather-resistant, single push-button interface allows you to start or stop recording with a click. Holding down the same button will turn the camcorder off to save your precious battery life. A single press wakes the camcorder up.

The HYPEYE D PRO is for select Sony Camcorders with the AV/R (D half-moon) interface.

  • 500mm ‘D’ cable standard version.
  • Push button to power on/off and start/stop recording
  • Toggle between record and playback modes
  • Debrief jack for non-intrusive video viewing
  • Push button protection against accidental activation
  • Zoom Memory
  • External audio sourcing
  • Nylon threaded mounting hole
  • Adjustable LED brightness

Check out the user manual for usage, installation and compliance information.

Prior to ordering, please check out the list of compatible camcorders to ensure your camcorder is on the list.


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