AeroTech Type-17 Universal Main Risers


Universal Main Risers and Toggles with RSL Rings

(4 customer reviews)


AeroTech Products Type-17 Universal Main Risers – superior construction at an affordable price.

Available Lengths :

  • 18 in.
  • 20 in.
  • 22 in.
  • 24 in.

Standard Features :

  • Black Webbing
  • Gold Velcroless Pin-locking Toggles
  • Dual-Side RSL Rings

Optional Dive Loops :

  • Standard Easy-Grip
  • Hard Swoop Loops

Additional information

Riser Length

18 in., 20 in., 22 in., 24 in.

Loop Style

Easy-Grip, Swoop Loops

4 reviews for AeroTech Type-17 Universal Main Risers

  1. John

    Wanted another pair of risers for my second canopy so I could swap them out whenever I wanted to wing suit. They’ve been holding up great. Just as good as any other set of risers, they fit light and snug to the container and keep me rotating my canopies with ease!

  2. Danny

    I’m not picky with skydiving equipment except for my risers. These are the only risers I will run. They’re super smooth easy to assemble and I’d argue they’re the most durable risers I’ve had on my container. Been running them for years and won’t stop any time soon!

  3. Phil

    AreoTech is a notable brand and I loved their slider stows so much I figure I’d give these a try since my old risers needed to be changed. So far they feel great! The best part is that I picked them up from the store and put in on my canopy that day, who needs wait times? Very happy the gear store carries these.

  4. Britt

    My rigger recommended me these risers and I am someone who wants to keep my gear with all the same parts, but I thought why not try something new. The gear store had all the sizes available I was super impressed! The risers keep me flying I didn’t even notice a difference, This gear store truly has it all

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