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Gold State Gear Waiver & Rental Agreement

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Gold State Gear’s extensive fleet of skydiving rental equipment showcases the most modern containers and canopies from our sport’s most popular brands.


Daily Rental Fees


Complete System

One Jump = $65 +tax

Full Day = $125 +tax

Full Day (Military) = $99 +tax

Main Canopy Only

Full Day = $65 +tax

Helmets & Altimeters

Full Face Helmet = $15 +tax

Analog Altimeter = $15 +tax

Digital Altimeter = $25 + tax


Specialty Skydives


Complete System Rentals

Balloons + Helicopters + Night Jumps

GSG 2-DAY Adventure Waiver

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* You must have a minimum of x50 jumps and hold a current USPA B License or equivalent to rent GSG equipment for specialty skydives. More information and pricing can be found in the waiver link above.


GSG Demo Program

GSG Demo Program Contract

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The Gold Sate Gear Demo Program offers a more affordable rental option to jumpers who want to try out a variety of containers and canopies before committing to a new rig purchase.

  • Demo the Latest & Greatest Equipment
  • Downsize Patiently
  • Experience the Flight Characteristics of Different Canopies
  • Experience the Fit & Feel of Different Harness/Containers
  • Be Confident When You Purchase
  • $$ SAVE $$