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Payments & Refunds

What are forms of payment available?

Gold State Gear, Inc. accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, personal check, and bank-to-bank / wire transfer. Gold State Gear, Inc. will provide all necessary banking details during the sales process for wire payments. All fees associated with wire payments will be the customer’s responsibility, and orders are held until full payment has been received and deposited into the appropriate Gold State Gear, Inc. account(s).

May I request a refund?

Of course, but please contact us first by phone or e-mail to discuss your refund request’s purpose as there may be another solution to your problem. If a refund is necessary, one of our sales professionals will assist you with further instructions to expedite that process.

* Returned Items: Refunds are processed on the first full business day following the date that the returned items are received, provided that the returned items meet the necessary criteria as outlined in our returns policy.

* Order Cancellations: Refunds are processed on the first full business day following the date of the cancellation request, provided that the cancellation meets the necessary criteria as outlined in our order cancellation policy.

* Refunds are issued to the credit card / bank account / PayPal account used for the original transaction.

* Although Gold State Gear, Inc. will always act promptly to issue your refund, understand the nature of refunds via credit card or wire could delay the receipt of your funds for up to 10 business days.

* Refunds are issued for the original sale price of the items (+ sales tax) minus the 10% restocking fee and any other processing fees; shipping charges are not eligible for a refund.

Why am I paying sales tax?

Sales tax is calculated according to the destination of the merchandise. Gold State Gear, Inc. does not benefit from collecting taxes and remit all collected taxes directly to the appropriate taxing jurisdiction.

We are required to collect sales tax on all orders delivered within the states wherein we operate a retail business; therefore, all orders delivered within California will be charged our local sales tax.

Due to ever-evolving tax and interstate commerce laws, especially as they relate to e-commerce, it may be required for Gold State Gear, Inc. to collect taxes for jurisdictions outside the state of California.

Ordering & Shipping

How do I place an order?

Orders can be placed online at, by e-mail to and by phone at 833-GSG-GEAR (833-474-4327), or you can visit one of our three retail stores, which are located at Skydive Perris and Skydive Elsinore in sunny Southern California and at Skydive Chicago in Ottawa, Illinois.

How do I track my shipment?

For all FedEx and UPS shipments, tracking numbers will be e-mailed to you directly from the courier once the parcel has been scanned and collected. For alternate shipping methods, tracking numbers (when available) will be e-mailed to you from a Gold State Gear, Inc. sales professional.

What happens if I refuse a shipment?

We do not recommend refusing your shipment. If you no longer want the items you ordered, it is always best to contact us, and a Gold State Gear, Inc. sales professional will assist you through the proper return process. When a shipment is refused, it could delay the parcel’s return to our warehouse and result in additional fees. Any fees, customs, duties, etc. associated with the refusal will be the customer’s responsibility and will be deducted from any potential refunds.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping options and estimates are available in your online shopping cart before checkout. Shipping charges are calculated per courier based on size, weight, destination, and desired delivery time. If you do not see your preferred shipping method upon checkout, please contact us, and a Gold State Gear, Inc. sales professional will assist you.

What is in-store pickup?

If you plan to visit Skydive Perris, Skydive Elsinore or Skydive Chicago, you may also choose to collect your items at one of our retail stores. Select the appropriate Perris, Elsinore or Chicago “in-store” pick up location in the shipping options. Note: Sales Tax is required on all orders collected at one of our retail locations.

Why am I paying import duties/fees?

Duties and taxes are not reflected in the price of the items you purchase from Gold State Gear, Inc. Items not originated within the country you reside in are subject to a customs duty, a tariff, or tax imposed on items transported across international borders. Check your country’s fee schedule before placing an order to learn what amounts you should expect to pay when purchasing and importing goods from Gold State Gear, Inc.


re: Helmets

I measured my head; why doesn’t my helmet fit?

Skydiving helmets are the most exchanged and returned item at Gold State Gear, Inc. Head shapes vary. Every helmet manufacturer has its own sizing guide; therefore even when “measuring correctly” there can still be a discrepancy in fit. When possible, it is always desirable to visit one of our retail locations where you can test various sizes to determine your proper fit or seek out a friend at your local dropzone who has the same style that you are interested in before making your final decision. If your new helmet doesn’t fit, we will gladly exchange it when the original helmet is returned, provided it meets the necessary criteria as outlined in our return policy.

re: Custom Skydiving Suits

I followed the measuring guide; why doesn’t my custom suit fit?

Custom-tailored skydiving suits are an artform. Measuring for custom-tailored skydiving suits is also an art form. Gold State Gear, Inc. sales professionals may assist you via phone/e-mail with the appropriate advice and guides used to measure your custom suit correctly. Still, occasionally this does not guarantee the desired fit. Suppose your new custom suit doesn’t fit. In that case, we will work with you and the appropriate manufacturer to the best of our ability to determine the source of the discrepancy and to help you mitigate the cost and time involved with correcting the fit.

re: Stock Skydiving Suits

I followed the sizing chart; why doesn’t my stock suit fit?

Stock skydiving suits are most often built to fit a range of body shapes and sizes. While one size at the upper end of its range may fit one skydiver perfectly, it could provide more drag for another skydiver who measures at the lower end of its range. Most skydivers will elect to purchase a custom suit for a perfect fit, but when there is a little flexibility in expectations, stock suits are a fast and affordable option. If your stock suit doesn’t fit properly, contact us, and a Gold State Gear, Inc. sales professional will help you determine the proper size or product exchange.

* In all cases where an item is not made to your desired fit – whether it’s helmets, suits, apparel, eyewear, etc. – contact us, and a Gold State Gear, Inc. sales professional will help you find the best solution.