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Gold state gear inc est 2020

Gold State Gear Inc is owned and operated by two military veterans that share a mutual love and enthusiasm for adventure sports. Additionally, the Gold State Gear staff comprises skydivers, outdoor enthusiasts, and all-around amazing people.

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cody russell

Cody Russell was born and raised in Alaska. At the early age of 2, he started skiing, and by the time he was 6, Cody was downhill ski racing, hunting, fishing, wrestling, and adventuring. Growing up, Cody enjoyed big mountain snowboarding in Alaska, hunting big game, and was a nationally ranked wrestler. As a young adult, Cody served in the Navy. Post military, he received post-secondary education in psychology and languages. He later completed a master’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in marketing and entrepreneurship.

Fast forward to today, Cody is an avid snowboarder, hunter, fisherman, SCUBA diver, and above all else, a skydiver. He currently has just over 1000 skydives, is tunnel instructor rated, AFFI rated, and skydives nearly every day. Cody is always looking to progress the sport of skydiving and wind tunnel flying by introducing new products to the market and finding ways to innovate. He is responsible for presenting virtual reality to wind tunnels, which gained international attention and was adopted by wind tunnels globally, including iFLY. Before founding Gold State Gear Inc, he worked for Square 1 Parachutes as a business and marketing consultant assisting with international expansion and tapping into military contracting. Today you can find Cody hanging around Skydive Elsinore or Skydive Perris coaching new jumpers and helping people find the best gear to suit their needs. 

BMX, motocross, skateboarding badass

Brian Hromin

Brian Hromin is a California native, more specifically to the Lake Elsinore area. Growing up, Brian spent his time riding BMX, motocross, skateboarding, snowboarding, and enjoying beautiful SoCal. As a young adult, Brian served time in the Army, which included several deployments. He even lived in Cuba for a year! Fast forward to today, he spends his time adventuring around Southern California, snowboarding, cycling, and of course, skydiving. Currently, Brian has eight years of industry experience, over 1,000 skydives, hours in the wind tunnel, holds an AFFI and tunnel coach rating, flies outside video and does angle coaching/ organizing. He intends to progress his skydiving career in all aspects and introduce the sport to more people.

Aside from our team, part of what makes Gold State Gear unique is our locations. We reside at three world-renowned dropzones alongside the most talented skydivers on the planet.

Skydive Elsinore

You’d be hard-pressed to find a better dropzone anywhere in the world. Skydive Elsinore is one of the longest-running dropzones in Southern California, operating at Skylark airport for over 60 years. The dropzone is perfectly situated in Southern California, just south of LA with Lake Elsinore to the north, and the Elsinore Mountain range due West gives skydivers and first-timers a fantastic view of mountains, ocean, lakes, and valleys.

The facilities at Skydive Elsinore provide everything an experienced skydiver, tandem, AFF student, or spectator would ever need. The facility includes a rigging loft, team rooms, covered packing area, food truck, indoor manifest, and Load Organizers for all disciplines. After jumping, stay, and enjoy the company of other skydivers in the covered BBQ and lounge area. Skydive Elsinore also has modern restrooms with showers, camping, and bunkhouse accommodations for out-of-town guests. 

Skydive Elsinore has a separate world-class military training installation, where they offer specialized training for a variety of United States base military groups and groups from all over the world. The staff that trains the military can provide some unique off-dropzone site landing for military training to help prepare military groups where their services may be needed. 

Additionally, they cater to film productions, not surprising due to their proximity to the world’s film epicenter, Los Angeles. It is no wonder why skydivers and spectators from around the globe choose Skydive Elsinore as their preferred dropzone, and we are humbled to be part of this fantastic team. You can stay up to date on their events here.

Skydive perris

Skydive Perris truly has it all. Located in Riverside County, just an hour and a half South East of Los Angeles or North of San Diego, Skydive Perris is a world-class skydiving facility and home to some of the most significant skydiving events known to man. 

At Skydive Perris, you will find an indoor skydiving facility for the whole family, team rooms, covered packing areas, an outdoor BBQ and pool, a full restaurant and bar with outdoor dining, along with some of the most extensive military skydiving operations in the world. Skydive Perris has coaches and a comprehensive Load Organizing program in all disciplines. Whatever dimension you want to focus on, there is someone at Skydiver Perris that will help you become the best you can be. 

Skydive Perris is also home to P3 Skydiving (one of the world’s most famous belly formation skydiving groups) and Dan Brodsky-Chenfield (aka Dan BC), arguably one of the world’s most sought-after coaches and best belly fliers. You can purchase Dan’s book here (he can personally sign the book when purchased through Gold State Gear), an incredible story that outlines the human spirit’s strength and teaches the secret to success.

Skydive Perris is unparalleled in its professionalism, and Gold State Gear is incredibly proud to be part of this family. You can see their upcoming events here.

Skydive Chicago

 Home to the best skydiving talent globally, Skydive Chicago is located an hour outside of Chicago, bordering the Fox River. Skydive Chicago is a mecca for all new and experienced flyers, known for hosting world records to renowned boogies. 


Are you planning a vacation or camp at Skydive Chicago? Upon arrival, guests are welcomed to one of the most extraordinary skydiving facilities in the world. Located on-site are an Auditorium, Gym, Swimming Pond, Sky Lounge, and restaurants. With over 150 full-service campsites, rental cabins, hot showers, and laundry facilities, Skydive Chicago adds a level of comfort not seen in the skydiving industry. 


Skydive Chicago stands out for all-level events, from Rookiefest to world-class events. Skydive Chicago is known for world records, USPA Nationals, and one of the biggest boogies in the world, Summerfest. The size and community at Skydive Chicago can be intimidating, but make no mistake, from first-time skydivers to the pros; all will feel welcome at Skydive Chicago. 


Skydive Chicago is known for achieving excellence by creating AFP graduates, hosting championships, and sharing the sky with tandem passengers. Gold State Gear is excited to push the sport of Skydiving alongside Skydive Chicago. Stay up-to-date on their upcoming events here.

What makes Gold State Gear different than its competitors

We do things other gear stores do not do. There are two things that you will not find at other gear stores:

  1. Our Demo program and equipment rentals. Customers can choose from the most modern skydive containers and canopies on the market at either of our retail locations. We offer a full line of skydiving container and canopy manufacturers from which our customers can choose, which means that a customer can mix and match various containers and canopies. When a customer wants to purchase new gear, they can partake in our Demo program. The Demo program gives customers massively discounted rentals while safely downsizing to a wing that they will fly forever. 
  2. Adventure rentals. We want our customers to experience jumping out of helicopters, hot air balloons, and into events such as Burning Man. Gold State Gear is the only gear store that rents skydiving equipment solely for off-site adventure jumps. We encourage our customers to live their life to the fullest and want to help facilitate that! 

Gold State Gear Mission Statement

To enable the adventurous spirit by providing the best advice and gear available, aka we want you to be the biggest badass you can be!

Core Values

  • To act with integrity and honesty in everything that we do.
  • To go above and beyond for our customers.
  • To respect our environment, both socially and physically.
  • To assist our customers and employees in becoming the best, they possibly can be by pushing their physical and mental boundaries.
  • To be fearless in the pursuit of excellence.

Giving back to the sport

At Gold State Gear, we frequently give back to our community through contests. Some of our recent contest winners received free wind tunnel time, free tandem skydives, and free skydiving gear. We believe in stakeholder theory at Gold State Gear, and giving back to the community that supports us is essential. Stay up-to-date with our contests by frequently checking out the ‘competitions’ page. 

Our promise

To provide the best customer service through honesty and integrity. You can rest assured that you are dealing with professionals with your best interest in mind when purchasing your equipment with Gold State Gear. Furthermore, we will continue to educate ourselves on the latest gear and help our customers source the best equipment at the best price.