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Gold State Gear, Inc. | Est. 2020

Founded by

Cody Russell | US Navy Veteran; MBA @ SDSU; First Jump: 2007

Kristian Caulder | US Army Veteran; First Jump: 2003

Brian Hromin | US Army Veteran; First Jump: 2015

While the parachuting industry was being turned upside down by the COVID pandemic, many dropzones and equipment dealers were faced with a great amount of uncertainty and financial stress. For some, it became clear that their businesses would not survive. Fortunately, there was a silver lining… these unforeseen and troublesome circumstances ended up accelerating some well-needed changes to the way equipment is delivered in the wild world of skydiving.

June 2020: as the end of an era dawned upon Skydive Perris and Skydive Elsinore, it was clear that fresh blood and fresh minds were needed to reimagine and improve equipment sales at these popular locations. With 25 years of combined experience in the equipment industry, a genuine passion for the sport of skydiving and a healthy dose of business savvy, three friends joined their minds and resources to create a new company, Gold State Gear, Inc. After a grueling first half of 2020, GSG is the phoenix rising from the ashes and we have come to revolutionize the customer experience and to raise every expectation in our industry.

More than an average pro shop, Gold State Gear, Inc. retail locations at Skydive Perris and Skydive Elsinore are modern, hip and inviting with each store reflecting the unique culture of its location. GSG is an integral and inseparable part of the dropzone experience and believes great customer service in our industry should extend beyond the showroom! Skydiving is GSG’s core culture, and with our corporate HQ on the Perris dropzone, we’re very fortunate that we get to spend time outside of the office mingling and shredding the skies with our fellow jumpers.

More than a cookie-cutter web site www.goldstategear.com is an e-com platform that tailors the shopping experience to the individual; always provides fresh content and accurate information; keeps its finger on the pulse and strives to always remain hip, relevant and interesting… but above all, to continuously evolve and innovate to provide a customer experience that simply can’t be beat.

The Golden State of California is the world’s premier playground for extreme enthusiasts. More than just a skydiving company, Gold State Gear, Inc. will also cater to our sky family’s crossover interests… because if there is one thing we’ve learned since falling in love with this sport, it’s that every skydiver is more than just a skydiver! If you’re seeking adventure, GSG is your tour guide!

We will always aim to reflect the vision, values and high standards that our sport and our passionate customers demand! Whether it’s Retail | E-Com | Email | Phone – the GSG customer experience will always mirror our core values and will expertly represent the high standards of our business partners!


We are not just a gear company.

We are a customer service company that happens to sell gear.

We at Gold State Gear, Inc. are committing every ounce of our passion to providing our sky family, and all of the adventurous souls they keep company with, a unique and thoughtful approach to the promotion of our remarkably exciting lifestyle. We want skydiving, and skydivers, to touch as many people as possible, the way it has touched and changed us.

Our promise to you: the more successful Gold State Gear, Inc. becomes, the more we will put back into our sport and our extended family of thrill-seekers. We extend our highest gratitude to you, our customers, because without you there would be no GSG and we will never take that for granted!